PrayerMentor is a Christian non-profit ministry called to address two needs:
1. We have lost our influence in our culture, and
2. Few are caring for the souls of pastors and marketplace leaders.

Our Vision: Unleashing the presence and power of Jesus to transform the culture.

Our Purpose: Mentoring pastors and Christian marketplace leaders in prayer, caring for their souls and building prayer teams around them. Empowering them to fulfill God’s purposes, thereby glorifying the Father and influencing the culture.

PrayerMentor empowers pastors abnd marketplace leaders to fulfill God’s purposes in four ways:

– equipping members of the body of Christ through seminars and speaking to understand and experience intimacy with Christ through prayer thereby unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the work God has called them to.

Counseling – helping pastors and Christian leaders find freedom from bondage and inner healing from the wounds of the past.

Leading Strategic Prayer Efforts – praying with pastors and Christian leaders to discern the work of prayer needed to launch new ministry and fulfill the work the Lord has called them to do.

Mentoring – praying with pastors and Christian leaders, coaching them in a life of intimacy and authority with God that will allow them to fulfill the work they have been given to do.

Our target
1. Emerging Leaders
2. Christian Marketplace Leaders
3. Senior Pastors, their pastoral staffs and intercessors

Our Mentoring Plan
1. Mentor the pastor or Christian marketplace leader in prayer.
2. Mobilize Prayer Partners for the pastor or Christian marketplace leader.
3. Equip Pastor’s or Christian marketplace leader’s Pastoral or Leadership Team in prayer and prayer efforts.
4. Mobilize and equip intercessors to pray for the ministry or marketplace.

Prayer Seminars we offer:

| Coming to a Place of Abiding: A study of John 14 &15. Equipping believers in a life of prayer that will usher them into intimacy and oneness with Jesus where Jesus lives His life in and through them.

God’s Calling: A study of John 17. Equipping believers to discern God’s calling in their lives and assert spiritual authority and fulfill the work Jesus has given them to do.

Prayer Efforts: A study of Jesus’ teaching on persistent prayer. Equipping the body of Christ to persist in prayer through a variety of prayer efforts in order to fulfill the calling of the Lord Jesus in their lives.

The Watchman: A study of spiritual warfare. Equipping parents and grandparents to intercede and war in prayer for their children and grandchildren.Praying With Authority: This is an expanded prayer seminar incorporating the teachings of Jesus concerning intimacy, spiritual authority and persistent prayer that will empower believers to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives.