Steve Schirmer
“A few years ago I went through a horrific spiritual attack. I thought I couldn’t talk to anyone, but God brought several people my way who I could share the details with, including Clyde. He walked me through the most difficult season of my life and continues to walk me through the healing process. When I meet with Clyde, I feel a sense of safety where I can talk about almost anything.

In my most recent trip to East Asia Clyde advised me to put together a team of people who would fast and pray for me. He challenged me to get 7 people and all I could think of was 3. I had 39 people fasting and praying for me! The trip became the most successful trip to date. Four girls accepted Christ; I made solid connections with churches in China that I plan to pursue partnerships with. I believe the team of prayer/fasting warriors Clyde encouraged me to put together was key to the success of this trip.”

Steve is president of Cross Campus International located in Arlington, TX.

Kevin Glenn
“Perhaps more than any other person in my life, Clyde has guided me through some very significant spiritual “road-blocks.” After working through some personal, at-home exercises (per Clyde’s direction), many years of crippling strongholds were dismantled in just a few counseling sessions together. His invaluable modeling during this time has translated into me being able to guide those within my personal pastoral ministry through the same process.
Clyde has also influenced my understanding and appreciation for prayer like no other. This influence began over 10 years ago and continues to shape and mold my approach to this discipline today. Additionally, I have a keener sense of the spiritual battles that are being fought in the heavenly realms (on my behalf and on behalf of others around the world). The result is my prayer life is far more Spirit-led and spiritually driven than ever before.”

Kevin and his wife Holly attend Pantego Bible Church, where he is an area pastor. Kevin is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. Holly is an Arlington police woman.

Josh Proctor

“When I first met with Clyde, I was dealing with an area of personal bondage. I thought he was going to help me with that issue, and he did. However, he went further than that. He went right to my bitterness and issues of perfectionism. I told him what I struggled with and how I got there. He heard me talk about the bondage and stuff that frustrated me, and he went right to my heart. He taught me how to clean house and release my bitterness. He taught me how to deal with my perfectionism, and he taught me how to overcome my bondage. Had he had some canned discipleship method, I don't think we would have dealt with my heart issues.
The impact Clyde has had on my life cannot be measured. But there is one reality: he has caused me to shift paradigms. I lived in a work hard, flesh driven, success driven world before I encountered him. I now live in a more prayer focused, Spirit empowered, kingdom driven world. There is no measure to this. He has changed the way I meet with Jesus, the way I care for my wife, the way I invest in my kids and the way I do ministry with others.”

Josh and his wife have planted a church in Hays, Texas, just outside of Austin. Josh’s cell church has 5 families, all of whom are unchurched. He and his wife have four children.

Eric Herrstrom
“As a husband and father as well as a pastor, Clyde has helped me understand the authority we have through Jesus as I pray as a leader.  He’s encouraged the consistency of my prayer. 
There was a time 2 ½ years ago where I was sharing (venting) about ministry and schedule. Clyde graciously explained that my schedule was “insidious” and I was in a danger zone.  This encouragement helped me identify areas of stress as well as perhaps save my marriage and ministry. He has been a constant friend and partner in ministry as well as a mentor. I count it an honor to be able to call him and pray with him.”

Eric is Spiritual Development pastor at Lake Arlington Baptist in Arlington, TX. He has dual master degrees and is currently working on his doctorate. He is married to Laura and they have a baby daughter.

Jason Freeman
“Through Clyde’s initiative and modeling I have experienced prayer on an intimate level rather than simply receiving instruction. As a result, I am praying more and more consistently, I am more confident about what I need to be praying about and I feel empowered to pray the scriptures back to God rather than getting bogged down by a list. As a result of our relationship I am now better equipped to accomplish the work the Father has given me and I am much more aware of the resources I have been given to accomplish it. I no longer feel alone in the battle. Through Clyde's influence I have established prayer partners to support me and my family, I am meeting with a team of intercessors weekly to do a work of prayer before our Sunday services and I am actively seeking out others I can mentor in prayer. 
In addition Clyde has created a passion in others to take the initiative to do a work of prayer for the needs within our congregation. Apart from my direct involvement the Father has raised up works of prayer for members battling cancer, for lost family members to come to know Christ and for those oppressed by mental illness to find release. Now when a need arises our people don't say, “Let's go get the pastor.” Rather they say, "Let's enter into a work of prayer."  Ministry is happening and lives are being changed.”

Jason is pastor of Grace Covenant Church in Arlington, TX. He is a graduate of Baylor University and Gordon Conwell Seminary. He and his wife Melissa have two sons