January 14, 2011
By Clyde Hodson

II began teaching the Fivefold Plan for Prayer Evangelism in Luke 10 this past Sunday to my On-campus Small Group. I have been praying at least six weeks, asking Jesus to open a door for our group to enter into this ministry of personal evangelism. They were very responsive. I will be challenging them to seek the Lord for three lost households He would have them pray for in the next six months.

This week Mary Lynne, my wife, and I are beginning a dialogue about being intentional to pray for and build a relationship with three households that don’t know Jesus. The struggle for us is that we live in a Christian world. I have read that most believers no longer have relationship with unbelievers after two years in the faith. It is a natural thing. New followers in Christ want to be with members of their new spiritual family. There is a longing to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus. In most cases, it is really not intentional to disassociate with lost friends, but it happens. The fact that we work with PrayerMentor and do not have secular jobs intensifies the problem. And, as empty nesters, this is more difficult still. When the girls were younger, we had many natural potential relationships with families in the Arlington High Orchestra, on the basketball or volleyball courts at Bailey Jr High, etc. Families with children have many natural relationships that could lead to ministry in the life of a family that is far from Jesus.

So, Lord Jesus, who would you have us pray for and begin a relationship with? We do have neighbors, a delightful young mom who cuts our hair, but where do we go from here? We are going to start a prayer effort this week to seek guidance from the Lord. This is truly a faith walk. (back to 'Weekly Blog' page)