Each month I write a prayer update to my Prayer Partners. To be honest with you, it is the hardest letter I write through the month. The devil and his hosts know that when my Prayer Partners are praying for me, I am more fruitful in my ministry and the Kingdom advances.

My goal is to write and send my prayer update out the first week of each month. However, that does not always happen. I hear lie after lie from the enemy trying to deter me from this task. As I enter a new month, I am busy and I hear the lie, “Wow, there are so many things to do, you don’t have time to write your prayer update,” so I keep putting off this important communication piece with my team of intercessors. A second scheme of the enemy is the lie, “You are not important enough to bother these folks,” so I shrink away from this vital tool of releasing prayer on behalf of my family and my ministry. Still, yet another lie that causes me to procrastinate this crucial part of ministry and spiritual warfare is, “You have nothing to say that is worthwhile.” You may say, “Come on, Clyde, grow up and write the letter.” Your right, but I have got to tell you that there is a spiritual battle going on in my mind. As I talk with pastors and Christian leaders, I find that I am not alone in this battle. The enemy hates it when the body of Christ is praying for its leaders!

Years ago before the days of the worldwide web and the age of email, I use to send my prayer updates by snail mail. I noticed one day that my Administrative Assistant was the go-to person in the office whenever an office machine broke down. I asked Carol, “How did you learn so much about all of these machines.” She replied, “Clyde, on the days that I processed your prayer letter all hell would break loose with these machines.” Carol went on to say that every machine (laser printer, copier, folding machine, stamp machine) had broken down one time or another while she was processing my prayer letter. Her conclusion was, “The devil does not want your Prayer Partners praying.” I can remember those days before email. I could tell you the very day my Prayer Partners received their prayer letter in the mail, because my disposition changed. I was hopeful and full of faith. This experience happened over and over again. In those times, that Spirit would say to me, “Your Prayer Partners receive your letter and they are praying.” (back to 'Weekly Blog' page)